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Up North Dental Flin Flon is a leading health care firm specializing in first-class dental care with the use of state-of-the-art equipment handled by professional Up North dentists. We pride ourselves in the invaluable services we render to our clients who seek intervention at Up North Dental MB.

Our team of Up North dentists has a track record in adequate dental treatments. They give you a less painful experience that brings comfortability during all your visits for dental treatments. We have experts who have gone through thorough training on teeth whitening, root canal, crowns and filling and overall teeth hygiene.

Up North Dental is situated at 32 Main Street in Flin Flon, MB. We deliver the highest quality dental care possible. At our Up North Dental Clinic Manitoba, we keep you fully informed of the treatment options available for your betterment and encourage you to ask questions throughout our relationship. We have been leading in providing top-notch dental solutions, and our specialty is dealing with general dentistry & hygiene.

For us, teeth care is our work and making you a new dental experience is our priority. We understand that taking care of teeth and gums is essential for boosting self-confidence through a welcoming and confident smile. Our Up North dentistry services cover general dentistry, crowns & fillings, kids dentistry, emergency dental services, dental hygiene, dentures, root canal, teeth whitening.
We bring you new experiences comfortably and less painfully using all our resources.

Proudly Serving Our Northern Local Communities

As part of our responsibility, we provide emergency dental intervention. In the case of a severe toothache or an accident that involves the dental cavity, you can always reach out to us.
You can put a call through to Up North Dental Flin Flon on (204) 687-3110.
Our team of professional dentists will be happy to come to your aid without hesitation.

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